Album Release

UTS 1st Album (Vinyl) Released!

United Travel Service

60’s Psychadelic Rock

Where to Order the Album

We would like to make a special announcement that our 1st 12 inch vinyl record has been released by Break-Away-Records, a German Lable, with  Wolfgang Völkel [] being the publisher.  Copies can be ordered from him directly at , just send him an email with your request, he said just don’t be shocked at the postage to the USA, he said he can’t take credit cards but does accept PayPal  

He will ship 1 record to the US for $30.00 including airmail shipping

The following sites are places in th e US where you can order the album as well:

1. Web Site Get Hip, Inc.
Columbus & Preble Aves
Pittsburgh, PA 15233 USA

Phone: 412-231-4766
Fax: 412-231-4777

E-mail: Ccontact

2. Web Site Vintage Vinyl

Vintage Vinyl

925 Davis Street, Evanston, IL, 60201, USA.

Our phone number is 847-328- 2899.

Business hours are Monday-Friday 11-7 and Saturdays 11-6 (US CST)


“Wind and Stone”

Pictures of the Album Including the Insert

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